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Family History Notebook

Your Free Online Genealogy Research Log

The Family History Notebook web app is free to use, easy to implement, and completely secure. You can save and organize all your research without worrying about your work being devoured by fire, paper-nibbling rodents, or small children with permanent markers.

Organize Your Research

Your FHnotebook can create as many folders as you need to keep track of family lines, individuals, and all the information you have about them.

  • Create folders to hold your research.
  • Group similar documents together.
  • Nest folders inside of each other to keep family members grouped.
  • Find research with a simple search for all the birth records in your FHotebook, everything on Great-Great-Grandma Beck, or everything from Norway. No shuffling through paper stacks required.

Secure Your Research Online

Putting your files online means they’re always backed up, always accessible, and always easy to expand.

  • Back up your files to our secure servers.
  • Access your research from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Use Family History Box to keep a copy on your personal computer.

Share Your Research with Family, Friends, and Clients

You don’t just do this research for yourself—make it easy to share with the people you care about most, or with people you’re helping find their roots.

  • Share documents, folders, or entire notebooks.
  • Upgrade to a Hobbyist or Genealogist plan to share with an unlimited number of individuals.

Manage Your Research Tasks

Your family tree is complicated, and sometimes it’s hard to remember what research you’ve done or where you left off.

  • Create research tasks to remind you of the next step.
  • Organize your tasks with your research so you know what to do for each branch of your family tree.